Moving, Renovating,
Or Freeing Up Space?

Struggling with clutter? Moving house or redecorating?

If you're deciding what to keep and what to part with, Stretton Storage provides long- and short-term personal storage containers that you can access 24/7, freeing up space in your home.

Whether it's personal keepsakes, treasured photos, or bulky furniture that your not ready to get rid of, we'll store it for you in our locked and climate-controlled containers so you can move around once more.

Going Overseas?
Just Arrived?

Heading abroad for a holiday or searching for a home? We provide affordable, short-term personal storage so you can protect your belongings, leaving you hands-free to enjoy life and get things done.

Our containers are safely stored in a locked yard with 24-hour CCTV monitoring, giving you a safe place to keep the things you won't need while you're away. Between academic terms, as you globe trot, or while you sublet, Stretton self-storage is the ideal way to stow your possessions in a carefully guarded place. Saving you rent, stress, and luggage fees.

Need to Declutter
and Reorganise?

Our storage units are perfect for safely stowing your possessions while protecting them from theft, damp, and damage. Access your furniture, clothing, equipment, and other personal items in our private, locked, and CCTV-monitored facilities so you can start fresh in your new space.

Stretton Storage gives you free access to your things whenever you need them, with no hidden fees and a range of packing equipment to help you protect your belongings.

Our Personal Storage Options

No matter what container you choose, or what you're storing, we'll keep it safe and sound. Stretton Storage offers:


Convenient access to your items day and night, with your own personal container key and drive-up access to your self-storage container.


CCTV monitoring coupled with a locked, well-lit storage yard for added peace of mind.


Fixed transparent pricing at affordable prices.


Dry, cool storage spaces with dehumidifiers for added climate-control protection against damp and moisture.


Security and reassurance with our professional team of experts and 10 years of experience in the storage industry.

Why not browse our Sizes and Prices today?