Free Up
Valuable Space

Moving, travelling, or redecorating? Looking to
securely archive the things that mean the most to you?

Whatever you're storing, we understand your concerns. Your property needs to be stored securely - somewhere private, safe, and at arms reach every day of the week. With 10 years of experience, we at Stretton Storage know exactly how to ensure you secure, climate-controlled facilities for individuals and businesses, so you can enjoy peace of mind.

Safe, Affordable
Personal Storage

Whether you're moving, redecorating, or simply want to free up valuable space, we're here with convenient self-storage solutions to save you time, stress, and money. With our two secure, CCTV-protected container sizes, we offer effortless storage that will keep your documents, furniture, and personal items exactly as you left them.

Our locked and monitored storage containers are conveniently situated in [Location], and accessible 24 hours a day to you alone. Stretton Storage offers dehumidified, temperature-controlled 20- x 8-foot or 10- x 8-foot containers for maximum versatility, making us the ideal choice for safely securing your:

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Furniture and household items


Clothing, photos, and documents


Tools and gym equipment


Small vehicles such as bikes, scooters, and similar.

Dry, Secure
Business Storage

Safely securing documents, records, or archives? Stretton Storage offers locked, climate-controlled containers that you and your staff can access at any time. Our larger 20- x 8-foot or 10- x 8-foot containers are an ideal way to reduce clutter and free up office space. Store:

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Private customer records


Accounting and transaction paperwork


Files, folders, books, and ledgers


Other accumulated paperwork which must be retained for legal reasons.

Why Choose Stretton Storage?

At Stretton, we provide affordable and convenient storage solutions for long- and short-term uses our goal is your peace of mind. Our personal storage and business storage solutions are:


Our prices start from 16 per week. You can stay as long, or short as you want (minimum 1 week).

Climate controlled

Our high-quality containers are equipped with dehumidifiers to protect your furniture, records, inventory, and other possessions against damp, rain and sunlight.

Private and Protected

Stretton Storage containers are locked in a protected yard and monitored with CCTV, giving you around-the-clock security.

Easy to Access

With your own keys and containers, accessing your property is hassle-free.

Got a question ?

Our experienced staff can help you choose the perfect personal or business storage solution for your requirements, so you can free up valuable space.